Hayden Super Vac 70

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Hayden Super Vac units are efficient, durable and available at great prices! Made in Quebec.



Benefit from a greater power to clean the entire house.



Plug one of our hoses in a vacuum inlet, choose the right accessory and you are ready to vacuum dirt and dust!


Healthier environment

Dust, allergens and even odor's are enclosed once and for all in the central vacuum.



Installed in a remote location, you will be able to use your central vacuum without hindering everyone in the household!



Engineered with the best components, the Hayden Super Vac unit is strong and durable, in addition offers a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind for many years.

Airwatts: 666 AW
Water Lift (H2O): 122.2" - 3099 mm
Decibels:64 db
Air flow: 122 CFM- 207 CMH
MAX amps: 14.7 A
Voltage: 120 V
Number of motors: 1
Turbines per motor: 1

Bag capacity: 20 l | 5.3 gal US
Canister capacity: 17.4 l | 4.6 gal US
Weight: 10.2 kg | 22.4 lbs
Height: 95.2 cm | 37.4"
Diameter: 30.2 cm | 11.9"
Principle: Bag or self-cleaning filter
Filtration: Permanent filter Hybrid filtration
Part warranty  10 years*
Labor warranty  3 years

Domestic use only.
*5 years 100% + 5 years 50%

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